Any investor (“Investor”) who purchased shares of Steinhoff International Holdings Limited / Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. (“Steinhoff”) or invested in debt securities issued by any Steinhoff affiliate or subsidiary or guaranteed by Steinhoff during the period of June 26, 2013 to December 5, 2017, inclusive (“Relevant Period”) may register their support with Stichting Steinhoff International Compensation Claims (“Foundation”) to hold Steinhoff, Deloitte South Africa as well as both current and former Steinhoff board members accountable and liable for the damage done to investors and to arrange fair compensation for them (“Action”).

All information provided by the Investor will be treated as confidential and will not be shared publicly (please see the Foundations privacy policy here).

By registering, Investor does not assume any risk or financial obligation unless there is a recovery for the benefit of Investor, at which time the Foundation, or attorneys instructed or retained by the Foundation, will seek court-approved fees and cost reimbursements, including litigation funding fees, for the risk-free handling of the recovery efforts. Hence, registering Investor’s claims is completely cost-free and risk-free.

    If you bought Steinhoff shares after December 7, 2015: