Board Members

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Mr. Alexander Reus

Chairman of the Board US based attorney with vast experience in the field of class actions and settlements on a worldwide basis, including the Netherlands and a vast knowledge of the economic and financial aspects of class actions
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Mr. Andreas Werner Tilp

Secretary of the Board German attorney with a strong track record in the field of shareholder litigation who acts as the leading lawyer in a German lawsuit on behalf of investors against Steinhoff International Holding N.V.
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Mr. Zain Raúl Lundell

Treasurer of the Board Canadian attorney with extensive experience in the field of collective actions in Canada and South Africa. Mr. Lundell acts as the leading litigation consultant in the South African class action against the Defendants (as defined in the Articles).

Supervisory Board Members

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Mr. Karl Peter Puszkajler

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Former judge of the Munich Court of Appeal (Oberlandesgericht München) and coauthor of commentaries to the German law on limited liability companies and on the compensation procedure for minority shareholders.
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Mr. Tahir Maepa

Member of the Supervisory Board A South African born activist and trade union leader for over two decades, specialising in labour law, policy and legislative formulation with special interest in corporate governance and ethical conduct. Currently is serving as a Deputy General Manager of the largest non-partisan general public service union Public Servants Association (PSA).
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Mr. Jan Maarten Slagter

Member of the Supervisory Board Dutch lawyer and former journalist at the Financieele Dagblad. From 2007 until 2014, Mr Slagter was director of the Dutch retail investors' organization (Vereniging van Effectenbezitters) and, more recently, was program director at the Nyenrode Business University and member of the supervisory board at KPMG Netherlands. As per January 1 2017, he was appointed CEO of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation, a position he currently holds.