What are the affected security identifiers?
New Stock ISIN: NL0011375019 (as of Dec. 7, 2015, FSE)
Old Stock ISIN: ZAE000016176 (JSE)
Further Stock ISINs: ZAE000068367, ZAE000247995 (JSE)

What is the Relevant Period?
June 26, 2013 to February 28, 2018.

Who are the Defendants?

Defendant Companies: Genesis International Holdings N.V. , Deloitte & Touche Group Service (Pty) Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Rodl & Partners, Steinhoff Secretarial Services (Pty) Ltd, Southern View Finance UK Limited, Campion Capital, Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft , Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft , Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft , PSG Capital, Steinhoff International Holdings, Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.

Defendant directors: Alexandre Richard Nodale, Andries Benjamin La Grange, Angela Krüger-Steinhoff, Bruno Ewald Steinhoff, Cedric Schem, Christoffel Hendrik Wiese, Claas Edmund Daun, Daniël Maree Van Der Merwe, David Charles Brink, Deenadayalen Konar, Dirk Emil Ackerman, Franklin Abraham Sonn, Frans Johannes Geldenhuys, Frederik Johannes Nel, George Alan Evans , Gunner Goerge , Heather Joan Sonn, Hendrik Johan Karel Ferreira, Ian Michael Topping, Jacob Daniel Wiese, Jayendra Naidoo, Jean-Noel Pasquier, Joannes Nicolaas Stephanus Du Plessis, Johan Van Zyl, Johannes Fredericus Mouton, Johannes Henoch Neethling Van der Merwe, Johannes Lodewicus Coetzer, Johannes Van Der Merwe , Karel Johan Grove, Louis Jacobus Du Preez, Mariza Nel, Markus Johannes Jooste, Marthinus Theunis Lategan, Nadine Bird, Norbert Walter Steinhoff, Paul Denis, Julia Vanden Bosch, Phillip Jean Dieperink, Robert Harmzen, Rodney Howard Walker, Sieger Theodor Schmidt, Stefanes Francois Booysen, Stephanus Hilgard Müller, Stephanus Johannes Grobler, Thierry Louis Joseph Guibert, Yolanda Zoleka Cuba.

Who can join the Foundation?
Any institutional investors who purchased stock of Steinhoff International Holdings Limited (South Africa) and/or Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. during the Relevant Period, on either the Johannesburg or Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.

How do I join?
The participation in the Foundation and supporting its purpose simply requires a signed Participation Agreement. This will be provided once you register on our website.

Will my participation in the Foundation be confidential?
Yes. We keep your information in strict confidence. We also pursue legal strategies designed to limit publicity risk. In the unlikely event that we have to disclose any identifying information, we do so in the least intrusive manner possible and only to comply with the requirements of the legal proceedings.

What are the risks to participating investors?
There is zero risk to investors. The case is pursued on a success-fee basis and funded by a professional and highly solvent litigation funder. Investors are protected from adverse cost orders, legal fees, court costs, unwanted publicity and other risks.

How do I obtain more information?
Please direct inquiries to join@steinhoffclassaction.org.